On this page, you can discuss topics that have emerged in the program.

1) How do you measure forces between cells inside cell aggregates such as tumors?

Forces of single cells on deformable substrates can be measured with accuracy. How do
you extend this to single cells inside an aggregate of cells?
Talk by Otger Campos

2) What is the proper continuum description for normal cell tissue? For cancer tissue?

In the homeostatic description tissue is treated as a highly compressible fluid. Stress
relaxation takes place by cell division and cell death. If this is the right description
for a fully developed tumor, how can the stress regulation be included that maintains organ
structure and shape in normal tissue ? How do you include the acto-mysosin activity?
Talks by Jacques Prost, Frank Julicher, Jens Elgeti, Boris Shraiman, Helene Delanoe-Ayari

3) Statistical Noise of Expression Arrays

Gene expression can be probed by RNA micro-arrays to locate mutations and post-translational modifications
that play a central role in tumor progression. Statistical noise produces false correlations. Are there quantitative
criteria that can be used to avoid this?
Talks by Elke Markert, Eytan Domany, Jun Sung